Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the Online Store of Hamad ALMANEA Co. (ALMANEA.sa/online services). This service is provided and operated by Hamad ALMANEA (hereinafter referred to as we/ us / or our).
The user of the website (hereinafter referred as you/customer). You are required to read and understand the following conditions and laws (list of “terms and conditions”).
Once you are using the website for the purpose of purchase, you will be obliged to follow the terms and conditions. Please review the menu of terms and conditions carefully before the starting of use online services. In the state of disapproval (or you cannot be committed) with any law or condition from the list, we recommend you not to use the online services provided by the company of Hamad ALMANEA.


Terms of Use


Use of online services is available for the people who are unable to represent themselves legally according to the system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. People who are unable to represent themselves legally according to the system of local contracts cannot use the website services.
If you are a minor (if your age is less than 18 years old), you can use website services under supervision of one of the parents or legal guardian, provided his consent to abide by the terms of use. The user will be responsible for the use of website services from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with full commitment to local laws followed in this area.
These terms and conditions are considered effective and shall supersede the prior forms of commercial representation, oral agreements or other understandings unless provided additional conditions for specific product or specific service.
By using the services of the website, you will be committed to follow the terms and conditions.


Security protection of the website


You cannot violate or trying to violate the security protection of the website and this includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Access to information non-customized for you or access to the internet server or account that you are not authorized to use officially.
  2. Trying to explore, examine or test the ability of the system or network or trying to penetrate the security system or levels of protection without being authorized to do so.
  3. Trying jamming or interference to the service provided to any other user, host or network including but not limited to spreading and sending the viruses to the website, overloading the site or sending unwanted serial letters or e-mail or any other way may harm the safety of the network.
  4. Sending spam including commercial offers and/ or advertisements for products or services.
  5. Simulation for the purpose of fraud of address of internet protocol, e-mail address or any part of address of website and using it in any e-mail or postal group. The harmful violations to the system or network security will result in civil and criminal penalties in most cases.

You agree not to use system resources of the hardware or software, any way of jamming or interference or attempting to interfere with the functioning of the website or any activity or service provided by the website. Website will investigate activities that may involve such violations and will cooperate with the competent judicial authorities to prosecute and impose the punishment necessary to the persons involved in such violations.


Details of Products, Inventory and Prices


Through our seeking to provide accurate and full information about our productions (such as availability of the product, prices, description the products, illustrations and technical characteristics) and provide full information about the services. We may encounter some typographical errors.
We take the maximum limits of precision in the presentation of colors of the products on the website, but the colors you see in the website depend mainly on your screen setting and falls beyond the scope of our works so that we cannot confirm definitively the setting of colors on your screen.
Publishing the details of the products and services (including, but not limited to: marketing and advertising bulletins, commercial offers, magazines offers and small publications) on the website is not a guarantee on the availability of products, offers or prices, either through electronic shopping or in the exhibition directly.
Some errors may occur during the process of providing the product or service and providing the detailed information about prices on the website. The website cannot provide you with the prices of products individually or the total cost of the product or the service until you send your full online request. In case the invoice has been requested and issued for a product or service and the price was not correct or the information was incorrect for an error in recording the correct price or information of products or services, the website is entitled to either communicate with you to explain this error and how to deal with it or cancel your order and notify you of this cancellation. In the event your application is accepted and has followed up electronically, the total cost will be calculated and deducted from your credit card account and we will notify you by e-mail that the payment process carried out properly.
With all our efforts to provide the lowest prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, some differences may happen between the price of the exhibition and prices of the website. We seek to provide the best prices on the website as well as all our exhibitions, however, some differences may happen in the prices between the website and the exhibition. The service of “Least Prices Guarantee” is not provided to procurement through the website.
Availability of products and prices is subject to change without prior alert.